Christopher Seder

Owning a Haunted House (I mean Vacant House) can make you want to pull your hair out!  I know I have been there.

A house sitting vacant is more of a hassle that anything.  If you're like me you are up late at night worrying about crazy meth heads breaking into the house and stealing all of your copper, the CODE enforcement yelling at you to mow the lawn, repairs needed on the house getting worse and worse month after month.  

And then to top it off getting these little strange letters and postcards in the mail from real estate investors claiming to be Cash buyers.   All of this is enough to drive a person to want to pull all of their hair out.

Hi My name is Christopher Seder and I am one of those weird real estate investors who actually does buy houses.   (I know what you're thinking) but rest assured I am not like those other guys. The reason I am contacting you is because I am looking to purchase another rental property  this month and I noticed you had a Vacant Property or a property in the Billings MT area.    

I know how much of a pain vacant houses can be (I have 2 of them right now), but what if you could simply snap your fingers and make the house disappear (along with all of your obligations to it)?  

Close your eyes and imagine receiving a cashier's check in your hands in the next few days along with a notice that your house is sold, no more dealing with repairs, Bills, taxes, and late night calls that someone creepy is lurking around the property.   Just think how nice it will be to not have to worry or deal with the house any more.

So if you're thinking about selling, I am thinking about buying, we are a match made in Heaven.

I will give you a fair cash offer, plus pay all of your closing cost and the best part is I will buy it AS-IS so you do not have to fix a thing.     

Feel free to give me a call 24/7  at (406) 545-2722

You can also Contact me on my website if you prefer that way

www.ChristopherBuysHouses.com  <<

You can do a little bit of background research on me to make sure I am not a Hooligan.  

Talk to you soon,

Christopher Seder

P.S. Just so you know I have sent this little letter to a few people in the area who also have vacant houses and I am only looking to buy one more at this time.  So if you're interested in a quick sale with no hassles please call me now (406) 545-2722.   : )